Do you often feel overwhelmed by the challenges of marketing in the digital age that gets results?

Let me show you how Marketing has evolved from an ineffective template that has existed for decades, into something new and relevant that audiences and consumers not only enjoy, but cause them to buy and become loyal customers.

It's not about a change in technology, but a change in mindset and approach to marketing

Why I Started The Content Marketing Guy

Overtime I began realizing that almost every Marketer and Business Owner was doing marketing the same ineffective way. “Let’s start a Facebook page or Instagram account and post #MondayMotivation quotes.” “Let’s pay for ads that are trying to sell everyone on how amazing our products and services are.” “Let’s sponsor a trade show, set up our booths and give away flyers hoping to convince patrons to become our customers.



To be frank it was frustrating to see, and if we’re truly honest with ourselves it’s no longer working to drive results.

What I found was that Marketers either:

  1. Are marketing the only way they know how and are unaware that there is a better way to get better results

  2. Know there is a better way but may not know how to execute on this better way so they ‘stick to the evil they know’

  3. Lack buy-in from executives who are of the mindset ‘this is the way we’ve always done things’ yet these executives fail to understand how the digital age has made it even more competitive for Marketers to get results



Simultaneously, I realized there was another group (the Business Owner). They wanted ways to break through the noise of their competitors with their brand in order to raise awareness of their business, create interest, and increase customers for their products and services.

The challenge I saw with Business Owners were also three-fold:

  1. Some have gotten by without marketing for so long that they don’t realize the impending doom of their business by not doing so today (it’s only a matter of time)

  2. They know they should market their brand but don’t know how to do so effectively with a very small budget

  3. They are paying Marketing agencies a lot of money to do the job, but have no idea what value they are getting or if it’s even working



After discovering and seeing from my own experience (and hearing the stories of other brands) how incredible Content Marketing is I decided to be the resource to help Marketers and Business Owners see the value in it and understand it.



More importantly, to educate them on how they can implement their own Content Marketing strategies to get better results (even on a limited budget).

How I Will Help

My goal with this platform is to help Marketers and Business Owners:

  1. See the value in implementing Content Marketing and why it’s a smart business move

  2. With a very small budget how they can stand out from their competitors, increase revenue and position their brand effectively using Content Marketing

  3. Get a better ROI for their marketing efforts using Content Marketing (especially in Social Media Marketing)

  4. See how Content Marketing has been used successfully by other brands to overcome marketing and business challenges, and achieve significant business results (and use it to get buy-in from their bosses and partners)


To learn more about Content Marketing and how it can help your business increase sales, build customer loyalty, and drive business results click the button


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