Introduction to Content Marketing

Ever heard the saying that people do business with those they Know, Like, and Trust?



Well that’s what Content Marketing does.



It is the most cost-effective way to get your customers to know about you, like you because you’re so helpful to them, and eventually trust you as the number one go-to source to solve their problems and provide solutions to their needs. Be it with content or with your products and services.

It allows you to get in with your audience because you’ve already won their trust. Therefore, they’re willing to let you in rather than you trying to force your way in with expensive and disruptive ads.



It gives you the competitive advantage by allowing you to stand out and leave an unforgettable and lasting impression with your customers.

It's the best sales pitch that your customers are more than willing to buy into, because it's selling without directly selling.



Unlike other forms of marketing that focuses on one-off campaigns or promotions to drive a sudden increase in sales, Content Marketing promotes a specific brand message (the content) consistently to tell an ongoing story that is relevant to the end consumer.

A story where they can see themselves being the main character being helped by your content, and using your solution to make their lives better.

What may change is how that message or content is distributed, and what format (text, audio, video) or channel (social media, TV, email) is used.

The reason this is key is because it allows your brand to be consistently and continuously top-of-mind to your customers, so they will always think to come to you first when it's time to buy.

Additionally, it positions you as the expert in your market, which makes them trust you to help them.



However, for this to work the mindset here has to be give without the expectation of immediate return.

For 99% of Marketers and Entrepreneurs this may be difficult because the mindset for a long time has been ‘pitch and sell with the expectation of an immediate return within a 30-90 day window’.

Know that in order to be successful at Content Marketing, and using it to drive results for your business this is the first mindset that needs to change.

The reason why this is so significant is because the more you give, the more it leads to long-term customer loyalty and repeat sales for your business.



Think of it like saving for retirement. The more money you put into your account each month, the more it compounds over time, and the more money you will be able to have for retirement.



However, if you put in money and after the first three (3) months try to take from it (the sale), then it depletes whatever monetary value you could have extracted from it later on (the Trust).



My own journey into the realm of Content Marketing started in 2009.



At that time I had no idea what Content Marketing was and that something with the name even existed. I only knew two things: 1). I loved Marketing, and 2). I loved writing, and simply combined the two.



I had started a blog dedicated to helping people with their personal development and would post articles once per week.



My professional journey started 2010 when I created a blog and started posting articles for a tech company I worked with at that time.  



As time progressed I started attracting and growing an audience on both and I saw how it impacted both endeavours I was pursuing. From helping people to grow to growth for the company.



The heart of Content Marketing is simple: add value to your audience and customers FIRST, and they will reward you with their attention, their purchase, and most importantly their loyalty. In other words, what goes around comes around.

In this guide I dive deeply into Content Marketing, the What, When, Who, How, and Why, to help you understand its significance in helping you achieve your business goals.



Simultaneously, I try as best as I can to keep it as easy and simple as possible for anyone who is a beginner to the practice to follow, without feeling overwhelmed.



If you find this information valuable let me know. If you believe I missed something let me know. Need clarity on something I said let me know. Got questions? Ask away. Anything to ensure you gather the knowledge and know-how needed to help you succeed.



I recommend checking back this page once in a while as I will be continuously updating the content to ensure it remains relevant, and I continue to deliver maximum value in helping you understand the practice and deliver results using Content Marketing.



If you’re ready to begin click the button below to get started.

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