Building a Personal Brand as a Professional to Create Opportunity

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Getting Customers Buying Using Content Marketing

A major challenge many of us face in these times is loss of income and jobs, whether as an employee or a business owner.

Now we're all trying to figure out what's next. How to pivot and bounce back from our current situations because we've been negatively impacted by COVID.

This webinar was created to help you do just that.

In it I break down what I've done over the last 18 months to build the CMG brand that has allowed me to create opportunities for myself and how you can do the same.

Even with loss of income when COVID hit, I was still able to use my brand to gain new and better opportunities.

I go through how to create your personal brand. How to take it from a thought or an idea, to creating job or business opportunities for yourself. Plus I walk through everything I've learned myself over the last four years of conceptualizing, creating, launching and sustaining my own brand.

My only hope is that the information presented will be of value to you and it will help you get over this hump in your life.

If you want to skip my backstory and go straight to the steps it starts at time 8:12, but if you want to be inspired and give yourself hope that things can turn around for you then it's a good listen.

I've also included a free downloadable worksheet at the end of this post you can use to start creating your own personal brand based on the steps outlined in this webinar.

Watch the full webinar below and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

Step 1: Getting Your Brand Audience Ready

This section goes into how to think about and go about positioning yourself as an expert and authority in your field, that will allow you to attract the right and best opportunities for you.

Step 2: Creating Your Personal Brand Content

This section walks through how to identify key areas to focus your personal brand, how to come up with topic ideas for content, and how to effectively create and promote your content to reach as many people as possible.

Step 3: Making Your Personal Brand Work for You

This final section gets into specifics of how to build your personal brand based on three unique scenarios:

  1. If you're a business owner looking to build a brand to get more customers

  2. If you've loss your job or maybe you're still employed but looking for a new job

  3. If you're an employee looking to advance the ranks in your current company

Click to view the video on how to structure your LinkedIn profile in-line with your personal brand

Worksheet Download (click below to download)

Building A Personal Brand as a Professio
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