Conversation With Marketers (Cher Jones)

Conversation With Marketers (Cher Jones)

Do you want to know how to build a power personal brand using social media? How about using social media to attract more leads and drive sales for your business? 

In this episode of Conversation With Marketers I get a chance to sit and have a really incredible conversation with Cher Jones on how to do that plus much more. Check out this latest episode

Show Notes

0:00 - 2:10: Intro

2:15 - 11:49: Cher's journey into marketing

14:14 - 20:46: Getting senior management and business owners to see the value in digital and content marketing

24:11 - 29:43: How to use social media and content to attract leads and get customers

30:43 - 34:24: How companies can get buy-in from employees to champion the corporate brand on social media

36:00 - 45:16: How to create your personal brand on LinkedIn if you're brand new to attract opportunity

46:31 - 51:09: How entrepreneurs and professional can use video effectively to grow their business and advance their careers

52:31 - 57:55: Why Cher started Just Ask Cher

58:53 - 1:03:16: How to stand out on social media

1:04:13 - 1:05:37: Connect with Cher

1:05:54 - 1:06:20: Outro