Conversation With Marketers (Debbie Jollie)

conversation with marketers

Aligning Sales and Marketing can sometimes be a challenge, but our guest Debbie Jollie knows how to make that happen.

In episode 5 of Conversation With Marketers she goes through how to achieve this as well as some amazing tips and nuggets for business owners and marketers.

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Show Notes:

0:00 - 2:47: Intro

2:48 - 5:20: How she got the name "The Stammering Communicator"

6:13 - 8:09: Her journey of how she got involved with marketing and sales

8:32- 9:38: Marketing in different industries

10:38 - 12:14: How she approaches B2B versus BBC marketing

13:04 - 16:30: How to audit your marketing strategy to make it more effective

19:55 - 23:05: How to align marketing and sales for revenue growth

23:45 - 27:12: How brands can use social media to drive sales

28:53 - 30:41: Building the Know-Like-Trust factor with content

33:00 - 34:27: Debbie's services and getting in touch with her

34:30 - 35:04: Outro