Conversation With Marketers (Paul Brunson)

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What does it take to build a thriving brand and thriving business?

In episode 3 of Conversation With Marketers Paul Brunson breaks down how marketers and business owners should approach brand building to be super successful at it, and how to break out into a new space if you're brand new.

Listen to the full episode below and remember to leave your thoughts and biggest takeaways from this episode.

Show Notes:

0:00 - 2:25: Intro

3:00 - 13:57: Paul's journey to building a successful online brand and business

16:18 - 20:47: Being discovered by Oprah

23:20 - 31:12: Building a personal brand to create winning opportunities

33:52- 40:13: Creating a thriving brand and business to create growth

42:40 - 46:33: Social Media strategies for starting in a new industry

47:28 - 50:01: Paul talks about his new podcast

50:25 - 51:55: Outro