Conversation with Marketers (Simone Walker)

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Before I get to the meat of this post I first have to give you the backstory.

As of the writing of this post it’s been seven months since I’ve launched The Content Marketing Guy. So far it’s been a pretty overwhelming but pretty rewarding journey.

From trying to keep up with The Daily Marketer posts on social media, to writing blog posts, doing the graphics, video editing, strategy development, and keeping the pulse on data to see what you as the audience enjoys.

I mean if I’m going to be preaching about consistency in Content Marketing and bringing value then I have to practice what I preach right?


So that’s the overwhelming part.

The rewarding part comes in the form of people who have reached out to me and messaged me saying how much they love my content, and some wanting to collaborate on future projects.

One of the messages I receive the most is other Marketers reaching out saying that they agree with a lot of the beliefs and perspectives I have in regard to marketing, and would love to just meet to have a chat.

Those messages are what has spawned the first of what I hope is many more that will add value to the marketing and business community. It is what has manifested Conversation with Marketers.

It’s a podcast dedicated to Marketers that will help them learn and be inspired by the knowledge and expertise of other more experienced Marketers.

Which leads me to this…

I’m happy to have my very first guest on the show Simone Walker, Chief Brand Architect of The Brand House Agency. She has extensive and many years of experience in marketing, and from this episode you can tell she really knows her stuff.

It was such a pleasure and privilege having her on to be my first guest. I had so much fun and a great time chatting with her.

In this first episode with Simone we covered the following main points:

  • Her story and journey into the world of marketing

  • Advice on how Marketers can gain upward mobility in corporate

  • The importance of brand building for small businesses

Get a notepad, take a listen, and get ready for some amazing nuggets!

Show Notes:

  • 0:00 - 1:53: Intro

  • 1:56 - 4:23: How Simone and I got connected over LinkedIn

  • 5:35 - 16:53: Simone talks about her journey into marketing

  • 17:35 - 22:43: Advice on how Marketers can move up the corporate ladder

  • 24:02 - 27:46: Simone talks about creating her brand

  • 27:50 - 37:44: Why should small businesses be creating a branding strategy

  • 37:45 - 42:36: The importance of brand building and maintaining the brand

  • 42:38 - 44:27: Brand building doesn’t have to be expensive

  • 44:31 - 47:53: What’s next for Simone as a Marketer

  • 47:55 - 48:34: Outro

Simone Walker is a creative and dynamic marketer who has had over 18 years of experience in the financial services marketing industry. A seasoned marketer and communications professional, she has garnered extensive experience in the areas of marketing and brand strategy, advertising management, PR, retail banking marketing, inbound marketing, sponsorship management, event planning and promotions.