How to Do Customer Research to Create Your Content Strategy

When creating your content strategy or general marketing strategy do you conduct customer research before you do?

If you don't you should.

It's what will help guide your entire marketing from your branding, messaging, positioning, content strategy and even product development.

In the latest CMG Webinar series I go deep into how I go about doing customer research by highlighting a real life example of a client I recently worked with.

I'll walk you through both the qualitative and quantitative approach, and share my thoughts around the data collected, and how I use this data to create my content strategy.

Watch the full webinar below and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

Part 1: Steps to conducting qualitative and quantitative research

In this section I walk through different types of qualitative and quantitative research you can use to extract the data you need to create your content strategy

Part 2: Using the data to create your content strategy

In this section I walk through how to interpret the data, and steps taken to craft your content strategy so that your marketing execution is intentional, purposeful and drives results throughout the entire Buying Process