6 Mindsets Needed for Sales Success with Content Marketing

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This is Part 5 of a 5-part series on how to drive more sales for your business or company with Content Marketing.

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You’ve gone through all of the content in this series so far. I’ve shown you how we made $US21,000 so you know the concepts I’m speaking about works. I’ve explained why your customers tend not to buy, the process of how to understand them better to sell more, and how to create repeat customers once you’ve made the first sale with them.

However, there is one aspect of this process that I consider to be the most important of anything else, and that is having the right mindset.

Now you may be saying “What does mindset have to do with anything? I just want to know how to get more sales”.

Understand this: tactics without the right mindset to execute them will inevitably lead to failure!

Too often I have seen businesses lose customers because they lose the trust of the customer by trying to sell rather than care about their needs. Caring more about what's best for the bottom line rather than the customer.

If your main focus (and mindset) is that of selling all the time it will be obvious in your approach and you will quickly turn off your customers. A lot of your sales-focused behaviour will sabotage the success of your business in the long-term because you'll make short-term bad decisions.

As mentioned in previous posts today’s customers want more than just a brand that provides a product or service. They want a brand that values them and will add value to them beyond simply making the sale.

6 Mindsets Needed for Sales Success

There are six mindsets you need to have in order to make this process work.

1. Be patient

Sales in any form, whether B2B or B2C takes time, especially if you’re unknown in the marketplace and haven't built up any credibility with your customers. Making the sale today is all about understanding your customer beyond just age, gender, and occupation. It’s also about taking the time to understand how and why they choose to buy.

Next you have to take what you’ve learned about them and create content that is relevant and useful to them (that they consider useful, not you). Then you have to know how to lead them from simply brand awareness and interest, to desiring what you offer and eventually becoming a customer.

This entire process is basically courting your customer (lead nurturing) before the marriage (sale and loyal customer). This takes patience. Any misstep or rush in the process and you’ve loss a customer.

The payoff is that if you can take time to get this part of the process right you’ll have customers for life.

2. Give value before selling

Again, the mindset has to be to give before asking. In other words, give and you shall receive. Learn more about what your customers care about and give them that before asking them to buy from you.

Do you have access to knowledge, expertise or information that could help their business and life become better? Give them that before even asking for the sale. Do you have a deep understanding of the benefits of something that is linked to your product? Talk about those benefits first before asking for the sale.

In one instance I advised a young lady who sold skin care products. She uses all natural ingredients to make them. I told her instead of just using her Instagram account to post pictures of her products, post tips of any natural herb or plant (even if they aren’t ingredients in her product) that is helpful to the body. She saw an increase in engagement and sales as a result.

That’s the impact of adding value before selling.

3. Don’t expect everyone to buy immediately

There’s a difference between selling and buying. Though both involve the exchange of money for a product or service, the mindset in how each is done is what is different.

When you’re trying to sell you’re trying to get them to buy on your time to boost your sales or meet your sales quota. When you’re getting someone to buy you give them everything they need to make an informed decision, and THEY decide when the best time is for them to buy.

Having a customer-centric buying approach versus a sales number driven selling approach will ensure your customers feel as though they are in control and you are doing what’s in their best interest, not yours. This in turn allows them to feel comfortable and confident coming to you and making you their preferred business to shop or do business with over the competition.

4. Forget ‘Go hard or go home’

The mindset of most business owners and especially marketers is to execute one campaign and it’s either the campaign works or it doesn’t. That’s a very wrong approach to take with your marketing.

Today with so many analytical tools and resources to collect and mine data at our disposal you should focus on having a more ‘test, refine, improve’ mindset. Why is this important? In my experience marketing for over a decade you almost never get a strategy or plan 100% right the first time, even with all the researching and all the best minds working on it.

The best approach is have the plan and strategy in place, but also understand that it should act as a guide, not as something set in stone. Experimentation should become your best friend, and perfection your worst enemy.

You need to have a very agile and flexible approach in how you execute your marketing. You need to be able to quickly identify what works and what doesn’t, and be willing to pivot or change immediately from what isn’t working.

Test. Refine. Improve

5. Let the data guide you, not your emotions and ego

In the digital age of Google Analytics, Social Media insights and eCommerce sales tracking there is an excess of data and data tools to utilize that can help you make your marketing and sales efforts more effective.

Unfortunately, I see too often where marketers and business owners choose to go with what they want to be right versus what the data says is right. This usually stems from an attitude of always needing to be right, or a ‘My way or the highway’ type mindset. Both of which inevitably leads to failure.

In order to have a sales success mindset you have to rely on what the data and what your customers are telling you. At times you have to be willing to put your ego aside, and not be emotionally attached to how you want things to be done, and instead focus on getting the result.

The result is what’s most important, not the avenue it takes to get there. Always let data and customer feedback guide your marketing and business decisions. This is how you win in the digital age.

6. There’s no ‘One size fits all’

In the past you could have gotten away with a one and all approach to your marketing and sales. But not today. Today customers want a personalized approach to how you deliver everything from your branding message to your product or service.

Have the mindset that each customer or group of customers within your overall target group is unique. Yes you may be selling the same product or service, but how each customer perceives the value and usefulness of said product or service will differ.

This is why being able to segment your audience and target your messaging specific to each segment, based on their needs and wants, is crucial in order for your message to break through the competitive clutter and reach your customers.

For example, I had a client who does eCommerce websites. His target group consists of three people: Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, and IT Managers. Now the service is the same (website development). However, how he targets and the messaging for each of these groups will be different.

The Sales Manager is more concerned about sales conversions and reducing the sales cycle. The Marketing Manager is concerned about increasing website traffic, brand and customer experience. The IT Manager is concerned about automation and data security.

Therefore, if he simply said "I design eCommerce websites", a one size fits all messaging, then his message would appeal to no one, which means no sale.

It may seem a bit daunting, but nothing worth it comes easy. If you wish to break through with your marketing in order to drive more sales, you have to be willing to do what most others won’t. That means starting with having the right mindset before even executing.

Otherwise your efforts and marketing dollars will be wasted.

My Final Thoughts

Having the right mindset in the execution of your marketing and sales efforts is so crucial. Mindset determines your approach, and your approach determines whether or not you acquire new and repeat customers.

Always thinking about your approach from the standpoint of, “How does this benefit my customers?” rather than how it benefits you, and inevitably you’ll start to see that thinking of your customers first rather than the sale brings more sales for your business.

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