How to Get Customers Buying Using Content Marketing

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Getting Customers Buying Using Content Marketing

Welcome to the first in The Content Marketing Guy Webinar Series. I put this series together as a way to provide greater value to you through my content.

In this first webinar I go through how to use content marketing to get your customers buying, especially amidst of what’s going on with COVID 19.

This webinar is broken up into eight sections, which are highlighted below the video, that walks through a step by step process of how to use content marketing effectively in achieving any business goal that you have.

The example given was with a B2B brand. For an example of how the same process of the content strategy can be used for B2C brands you can read an article written that uses the same process.

Watch the full webinar below and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

Section 1: Identify Your Business Goals

This section goes into how to set goals that are specific and measurable that you should use to determine the success or failure of your content marketing efforts.

Section 2: Identify and Research Your Ideal Target Customers

This section provides a guide on how to identify your ideal target audience, methods for conduct customer research, as well as the right questions to ask to gain customer insights to make your content marketing more targeted and effective.

Section 3: Identify Your Content Goals

This section helps you distinguish between business goals versus content goals, and why you should use content goals as a compass towards achieving your business goals.

Section 4: Develop Your Content Strategy

This section goes into detail on how to create a strategy that can help you 1). Raise awareness for your brand and stand out from your competitors, and 2). Create a sales funnel that leads your potential customers to becoming paying customers

Section 5: Your Content Creation Process

This section gives you a practical framework of how to create content consistently that not only helps to attract the right customers but also position your company’s brand as an authority in the marketplace

Section 6: Content Distribution

This section goes into effective content distribution practices of how to select the most effective channels for content distribution so you don’t waste time on channels not producing results and can maximize on the ones that are.

Section 7: Your Content Promotion Process

This section helps you to extend the reach of your content and therefore your brand to attract new leads and potential business opportunities that can benefit you beyond your network and sphere of influence.

Section 8: Content Analysis

This final section acts as a guide on the best ways to assess your content marketing efforts to judge its effectiveness.

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